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ransom notes

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In this creative party game, players take turns crafting ridiculous ransom notes using a limited pool of random word magnets. The results are always outrageous and guaranteed to bring the house down.

The Hilarious Venn Diagram Party Game, for 3+ Creative & Witty Players

OPEN RELATIONSHIPS: An outrageous and creative party game. Hilarious Venn Diagrams are peak internet culture, our game will challenge you to think creatively and help you learn more about the hilarious and twisted minds of your friends, family - and yourself!
EASY TO LEARN: Learn to play in less than one minute. The dry erase Response Cards cards are fill-in-the-blank prompts designed to help anyone come up with funny, unexpected connections.
ENDLESSLY REPLAYABLE: A perfect party game for creative and witty people who want a different and fresh game every time you play youll never compare the same two concepts twice! If youre sick of play a card, the judge picks the winner style party games, we think youll like this one.
WHATS IN THE BOX: Comes with 160 Hilarious Concept Cards, 200 Dry Erase Response Cards, 6 High Quality Dry Erase Markers, and Instructions.
THE PERFECT GIFT: For birthdays, Christmas, Father' Day, or an anytime present for creative people. Bring it to Thanksgiving or your family / friends game night to compete for the wittiest wordplay!

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